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Monumental Group of the Fortress of La Mota

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Declared Heritage of Cultural Interest of Andalusia.

The monumental group of the Fortress of La Mota is strategically perched on the peak of a rugged hill, 1033 m. above sea level. These features, its structure and location, enabled it to have a panoramic view, like a natural watchtower, over the surrounding area. Its most significant historic moment took place during the Islamic invasion: the Castle of La Mota was ordered to be built by the second Lord of the Kingdom of Granada "Aben-abus Ben-Zeiri", around the year 1000.

The old walled city included several religious, administrative and government buildings, as well as commercial centres, and was the home of civil and ecclesiastical authorities.

One of the most remarkable buildings is the citadel, built on the highest point of the enclosure, at 1033 metres above sea level. It is comprised of three towers joined by the walls that surround the bailey. The Homage tower, 20 m high, that of the Candle or the Bell, in charge of surveillance of the area in conjunction with the network of watchtowers all over the surrounding land. And lastly, the tower of La Mocha, an excellent lookout point over the city. Within the monumental group of the Fortress of La Mota, there are several themed areas explaining the concept of frontier, the way of life of its inhabitants, the role of the various areas and the relationship of the Fortress with the surrounding areas.

Details about the place of interest

  • Address: Fortaleza de la Mota 0
  • Post code: 23680
  • Telephone: 953102717
  • Email: [email protected]
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