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The Pearl of Sepharad (Lucena)

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The Pearl of Sepharad

A nice experience to enjoy with your family, couple or friends where we will travel in time to The Pearl of Sepharad, how Jews people call Lucena.

You can taste sephardic sweet (optional) and then, accompanied by a host, we will discover some elements of the cultural heritage from Lucena which remember us the sephardic past of the city. It's better known as "the city of the poets" because it housed the most important Talmudic school in Spain.

Services included in this experience:

  • Guided tour
  • Sephardic sweet tasting (optional)

Other fees:

  • Minimum 5 people or pay 40€ (with tasting) or 35€ (without tasting).


  • Upon request

For more information: [email protected] / Tel. 957 50 3662

18:00 h (for more information, press I WANT TO GO!) SUMMER SEASON: 20:00 h

2,5 hours

9€ (with tasting) and 7€ (without tasting). Reduced price of 6€ will be applied only to the groups of 20 pax or more, as well as to the kids from 7 to 16 years old.
Will you be spending more than one day here?

This experience takes place in:

This experience takes place in:
  • Menorá
  • Sefarad´s Pearl
  • Necrópolis judía de Lucena
  • Overview exterior tower Moral
  • Overview of Moral castle from the courtyard
  • View angle shot of the interior wall and tower of Moral
  • General view inside the church of Santiago in Lucena
  • Overview of the vault from the pulpit of the church of San Mateo


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